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Being the most significant day in the lives of two people in particular, the importance of a wedding to run as planned and to go without a hitch is vital. As such, much thought is placed into every aspect of the service in order to ensure that everything will run like clockwork. One service that plays a crucial role in achieving this, is the transportation to and from the venue – how can you ensure that you or your party will get to the church on time?

If you're searching for wedding transportation services to get you or the wedding party to and from the wedding venue, then you've found the right place here at LC Weddings. We are a popular, vastly experienced wedding chauffeur service based in the South-East, who are able to lay on customisable wedding transport services that are able to combine the traditions of marriage, along with modern technology, in order to ensure that our exclusive clients are able to experience as perfect a day as possible.

Why Do I Need Wedding Transportation Services?

The union of two people is a beautiful thing, of course, but what's not often mentioned, is that a wedding is actually the union the two families; any nerves that the two people may be feeling, could also be easily experienced by those around them, creating a tense feeling on the big day. It shouldn't be like this – everyone should be basking in the joy that such an occasion is all about. Professional wedding transportation services can help everyone to relax and look forward to the day ahead; not worrying about if they'll get there on time, or even if they might get lost. What's created, is a positive, happy feeling that will reverberate around the wedding venue for when the ceremony begins.

No matter where the ceremony may be held – if it's in the area local to you or in a new, unfamiliar location, a build-up of traffic can cause major issues in regards to the day running on time. It can be easy too,in an unfamiliar location, to misunderstand the local roads and volume of traffic. It's also not difficult to get lost, especially when feelings are tense. A wedding transportation service, on the other hand, is able to rely on their experiences and take the time to study routes, creating a number of alternative plans in order to get everyone to the venue on time, as planned. Add into that, their usage of modern GPS systems that can provide live traffic information, and this should help give you the peace of mind in knowing that everything will indeed, run like clockwork.

What's more, the wedding transport service will be solely dedicated to you, meaning that you are able to customise your journey. With a dedicated driver at the wheel for whenever you need them during the day, less pressure will be placed on friends/family to be responsible for getting people around – allowing them to enjoy the day too.

Why Choose LC Weddings For Wedding Transport?

As we've been working in the industry for some time now, we are able to draw upon our experiences of providing wedding transportation for avast range of different ceremonies, in order to give you the opportunity to customise your perfect service.

Whether your wedding car requirements are anything from aget away car for the bride and groom, multiple 8-seaters for your wedding guests or anything else in between, you can feel rest assured that we are able to cover all of your wedding transport needs.

Speaking of our wedding cars, our fleet offers comfort and luxury – the twin attributes that should be part of such an occasion. We can provide a sense of finesse with our Mercedes S-Class or BMW 7 Series wedding cars, turning heads and making a wonderful addition to your wedding album.

What's more, we can decorate the vehicle with ribbons of colours of your choice at NO additional cost. If you're looking to further adorn the wedding car with the addition of a custom flower display, we can arrange for this at an additional charge, which will be yours to keep and display at the reception.

We also endeavour to employ only the most highly skilled,personable Chauffeurs who understand the importance of such an event, are able to work with photographers to produce stunning wedding pictures and are able to present themselves smartly, creating the perfect images for when they're looked back on in years to come.

If you would like to learn more about our wedding transportation services, then please feel free to get in touch with us today.

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Mercedes E Class

The Mercedes E Class a beautiful yet powerful car making it a great hire car for weddings. If the Bride and some of the wedding party would like a wedding car for them self this wedding car is perfect. This vehicle would allow the wedding party to travel chauffeur driven in comfort and style.

BMW 7 Series

BMW 7 Series - Offering a superb comfortable ride for up to four passengers and with the long wheelbase version this chauffeur car provides extra leg room.The climate control and extra legroom will ensure that when you arrive, your dress and makeup will be just as perfect as when you left.

Mercedes S Class

The top of the range Mercedes vehicle available. Ultimate luxury and refinement perfect for your big day. The White Mercedes S class has become a very popular choice amongst our clients for Weddings, Civil Ceremonies, Parties and Events

Mercedes Vito

Mercedes-Benz has been one of the transport industry market leaders for many years. Their name is synonymous with comfort, style, and pure luxury.If you need to carry up to 7 wedding guests then the Mercedes Vito MPV is the ideal vehicle for this purpose

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