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Our terms and conditions are here to help you. We want you to feel comfortable with the service that we offer.

In making payment of the required deposit to secure a vehicle, date and chauffeur, you are also accepting the terms and conditions of hire and agree to be bound by them.

1. The terms and conditions set out here shall apply between Lc Weddings (the “Company") and the “Customer" whose name appears in the bookings database and shall apply to the provision of any and all drivers or delivery service (the “Service") undertaken from time to time by Lc Weddings for the Customers during the continuance of this agreement and any and all other terms warranties and/or conditions implied by statute and/or common law are hereby expressly excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.

2. All bookings placed by the Customer will be settled in cash or credit/debit card (subject to a 10% handling & processing charge).

3. A 50% booking deposit is required to reserve the car.

4. The balance outstanding on the booking must be paid no later than 2 days before the vehicle is required. If for any reason we are unable to accept your booking then the deposit will of course be refunded in full, but otherwise this deposit should be considered to be non-refundable.

5. The Company and its chauffeurs have the right to refuse to carry any passenger who is thought to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and whose behaviour poses a threat either to the chauffer, the vehicle or any other passenger(s).

6. No food or drink will be allowed in the cars unless prior consent has been given by Company. UK law prohibits smoking in cars used by the public and all our Suppliers adopt a strict No Smoking policy.

7. The Company chauffeurs will choose the route based on experience, knowledge of the local area and use of satellite navigation, they will accept a route requested by you, however, should this result in extra mileage or time being added to the journey a charge may be made.

8. The Company cars makes every effort to supply the vehicle requested by the client, however, in certain circumstances the chosen vehicle may not be available due to circumstances out of our control. In these cases we will endeavour to supply the best alternative vehicle available. If no acceptable alternative can be found, compensation will be limited to the full refund of the hire charged. We recommend and advise that the client obtains appropriate wedding insurance for their own protection.

9. Whilst we do our utmost to ensure our drivers are punctual, you will understand that we cannot accept responsibility for delays caused by circumstances out of our control.

10. All cars are cleaned prior to the wedding date, but Company cars do not accept any responsibility for changes in the vehicles appearance caused by the weather or terrain during the period, although every effort will be made to present the car in its best possible condition.

11. Seating: Due to the nature of our cars most do not have rear seat belts, children under the age of three cannot be carried because of this. Children over the age of three may be carried but must be under the supervision of an appropriate adult. All passengers must remain seated at all times. Cars must not carry more than the chauffeur deems fit or exceed the vehicles specifications. Under no circumstances should anyone be carried on another person's lap. No animals are allowed; with the exception of guide dogs (must be approved at the time of booking).

12. Access: The hirer should ensure that adequate access, turnaround and exit for the vehicle(s) is available at all address`s to be attended. If any point the driver feels that this is restricted in any way then the driver will stop at the nearest legal safe point available, regardless of distance. The chauffeur has the right to refuse to travel on any surface that he feels may cause damage to the vehicle. If you have an unmade road or uneven road surface then please inform us at the time of booking.

13. Collections: The chauffeur will leave the vehicle and announce that the wedding transport has arrived to the hirer at the address given on the booking form. If the party is being collected from a hotel, it is advisable to make themselves available at the agreed time. The chauffeur will make his presence known to the hotels reception staff and provide them with details of who to be collected. If after an adequate period of waiting the hotel are unable to locate the passengers and they have not made themselves known to the chauffeur, the vehicle will leave. Claims for refunds or compensation will not be accepted

14. Damage to vehicle: The hirer agrees that if any member of their party causes damage/theft of two hearts property or incites others to cause damage/theft to the vehicle or contents the hirer will be responsible and liable for all repair costs to the vehicle to return it to the condition that it left the base station in. Damage/theft to either the exterior or interior are both the responsibility of the hirer. Total repair cost will include the cost of repair, loss of bookings and any other incurred costs.

15. We do not provide child seats for our vehicles, unless agreed at the time of the booking.The Company provides the passenger the option of additionally booking a baby seat*, which will be £5 extra to the prices quoted. Please keep in mind that babies & children are regarded as passengers and therefore to book the vehicle size accordingly.

16. Limitation of Liability: The Company will not be held responsible for delays or cancellations of ceremonies or receptions, missed appointments or delays, traffic congestion, poor weather conditions, incorrectly advised timings, incomplete address details or other circumstances beyond our control.

17. Company cars is fully insured for wedding car hire, and our insurance does not cover customers to drive our vehicles, or for loss or damage to customers possessions or for any other consequential losses, delays or missed events.

18. By making the booking and accepting our quotation will represent agreement of our terms and conditions which are available on our website and on the reverse of the booking form.

19. Terms and Conditions: Our terms and conditions are in place for you and our protection. We reserve the right to amend any of these at any time; any confirmed bookings will be notified of any changes.

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